About Us

Kimiya Motor Co. has been established since 1379 to produce Auto parts and assembly. It’s located in No.11, Golestan alley, Baharestan Industrial Subdivision, 5 Km after Karaj-Qazvin toll gate. Total land area of 4200 m2 and workplace area of 1500 m2. The workplace is to be with R&D, production and engineering, Quality Control, Quality assurance, Planning, Commercial, Financial and Administrative Department.

It was located in 13 km Makhsous Karaj road till 1387 and after that company moved to Baharestan Subdivision to develop the production. The first purpose of the company was to produce Central Door Locking Systems including automobile Door Actuators, Electronic Unit Controls as per customer’s request (SAIPA). Also Kimiya Motor has produced new products for SAPCO. from 1386. The company started to reach QA system management and in 1383, 1384 we are holding the Certification of ISO9001:2000 & ISO/TS 16949:2002.

The annual rate of production is:
۱۳۷۹: Pride Central Door Lucking
۱۳۸۰: Karvan Central Door Locking
۱۳۸۲: Trunk Lid Opener
۱۳۸۵: Kia Rio Door Latch
۱۳۸۶: ASSY. Clutch Control Cable for Peugeot 206
۱۳۸۷: HVAC Actuator for Peugeot 405
۱۳۸۸: Tiba Modular Door Lock
۱۳۸۹: Relay of Central Door Locking 111

Future planning:
۱٫ Clutch control Cable for Peugeot 405
۲٫ Head Light Actuator for Peugeot 206
۳٫ HVAC Actuator for Tiba